Farmer Trevor Foster, who died in the Tasmanian floods in 2016, initially did not notice that there was water flow, the study reads

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The wife of a Tasmanian man who died in floods in 2016 told police that the flood that killed her husband “came so fast” and she had “never seen anything like it before”.

Trevor Foster, 81, died on June 6, 2016, when floods swept his property near Ouse in southern Tasmania.

A statement from his wife, Helen, was read out in connection with an investigation into his death at the Hobart Coroner’s Court on Thursday.

Ms Foster died before the investigation started this week.

Her statement said Mr Foster was feeding sheep when she woke up at 7:45 on the morning of his death.

Missing man Trevor Foster
Ouse farmer Trevor Foster jumped up on a fence after noticing floods arrived on his property, but he was swept away.(Delivered)

She said she first noticed that the Ouse River was flooded before it began flowing into their property on Cluny Street.

“I noticed it was a foot deep and rolled over the dry ground,” her statement said.

“The water came so fast and with a hiss. I had never seen anything like it before.”

She said Mr Foster had his back to the water at the time, but it was of no use shouting as he was hard of hearing.

After noticing the flood, Ms. Foster said her husband briefly stood on the property fence before returning to the ground as his feet were swept out from under him.

“I did not see Trevor after that.”

The body not found for two years

The investigation has also heard from the police involved in the rescue effort, which described the extensive air and ground search to find Mr. Fetus. His body was first found in 2018.

Several officers told the investigation of the huge amounts of dirt flowing through the floods.

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