Donald Trump News Today: Pence filed for questioning in Jan. 6 probe into election-rigging efforts

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Merrick Garland appoints special counsel to oversee Trump investigations

The Justice Department is reportedly seeking to question Mike Pence as part of its ongoing investigation into January 6 and Donald Trump’s months-long effort to overturn the 2020 election.

Pence, his vice president, was in the capital at the time of the attack to attend the certification of the results. His life was directly threatened by rioters during the attack and his security team was forced to rush him away to a safe position just meters from where the attackers had breached the building.

Since then, Mr. Pence has been aware that Mr. Trump’s actions during the riot put his family at risk. The news is the first confirmation that the DoJ’s investigation on Jan. 6 has definitively expanded to include the highest levels of the White House after months of prosecuting lower-level offenders as well as members of a right-wing militia accused of seditious conspiracy.


Conservatives complain about Trump special adviser’s wife’s connections to Michelle Obama

Conservatives are outraged after it was revealed that the wife of the prosecutor appointed by Attorney General Merrick Garland to determine whether Donald Trump will face criminal charges is apparently a Democratic donor who was involved in a documentary about Michelle Obama.

Jack Smith, a career prosecutor at the Justice Department, was tapped by Mr. Garland to make the decision on Mr. Trump’s legal fate earlier this month. In particular, it followed Trump’s announcement that he would seek the White House a third time.

Read more about how Mr. Smith is connected to Mrs. Obama as well as Joe Biden, the man Mr. Trump has accused of weaponizing the Justice Department:

John Bowden24 November 2022 07:20


Trump lashes out at Bill Barr for saying ex-president increasingly likely to face criminal charges

Calling him “sloppy”, “weak” and a “disgruntled ex-employee”, Donald Trump this week said his former attorney general after Bill Barr suggested he believed federal prosecutors were now likely to indict him for his storage of documents at Mar-a-Lago.

Trump also claimed the Mar-a-Lago documents case was a hoax. “He knows nothing about document fraud, and as a lawyer and former AG, he shouldn’t be talking.”

Read more about Mr Trump’s latest meltdown in response to the betrayal of a former ally:

John Bowden24 November 2022 06:20


Judge warns Trump he must hire a lawyer days before E Jean Carroll is expected to file a rape lawsuit

A federal judge warned Donald Trump to get his lawyers on board, and fast, ahead of an upcoming lawsuit by author E Jean Carroll, who accuses Trump of raping her in a Manhattan department store in the 1990s.

The warning came Tuesday, during a conference call in a defamation lawsuit filed by Ms. Carroll after Mr. Trump called the author’s claims, first aired in an excerpt of her memoir published in New York magazine, false and a publicity stunt.

“Your client has known this was coming for months and he would be wise to decide who will represent him in it,” U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan told Alina Habba, the former president’s lawyer in the defamation case, on Tuesday.

Read more about the case’s new developments in The Independent:

John Bowden24 November 2022 05:20


Why Do Democrats Care About Donald Trump’s Tax Returns?

The Supreme Court has dealt Donald Trump a final blow in his years-long battle to protect his tax returns from Congress.

It was a victory for Democrats on an issue that seems almost ancient now — the issue of Mr. Trump’s economy took a backseat to many in the media and Democrats, especially after Jan. 6 and Mr. Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election.

With the House Ways and Means Committee now set to receive copies of Mr Trump’s tax returns from several years, it’s worth looking back to refresh our memories of exactly why these documents are so important.

John Bowden24 November 2022 04:20


Tucker Carlson guest says shootings will continue until ‘evil agenda’ of gender-affirming care ends

Twitter users who support gay and transgender Americans reacted with shock and disgust after a guest on Tucker Carlon’s wildly popular Fox show claimed that more attacks like the Colorado Springs shooting would happen unless doctors stopped performing voluntary gender-affirming care for any American. .

It was a moment seen as a direct threat of violence by those circulating the video on Twitter, and came as some conservatives loudly protested being associated with the same rhetoric now blamed for inspiring the attack.

Read more about the right-wing reaction to what is increasingly looking like the most violent act specifically targeting the gay community since the Pulse nightclub shooting:

John Bowden24 November 2022 03:20


Trump’s long-teased bid for the White House is low-key in Week 1

From the moment he left the White House in defeat last year, Donald Trump had been teasing the prospect of a third presidential campaign. But in the week since he officially declared his candidacy, the former president has been uncharacteristically low-key.

There has been no massive stadium kickoff rally, remarkable for someone who has turned such events into a signature of his public life. His recently restored Twitter account, which helped fuel his political rise nearly a decade ago, is silent with its more than 87 million followers.

With parts of the GOP in open rebellion, is Donald Trump really still the leader of the party?

John BowdenNovember 24, 2022 02:27


Montana man gets 3 years in prison for his role in the Capitol riot

A Montana man who was among the first to illegally enter the U.S. Capitol as Congress confirmed President Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 election has been sentenced to just over three years in federal prison.

Joshua Hughes, 39, and his brother, Jerod Hughes, 37, pleaded guilty in August to obstruction of justice.

Read more about this lawsuit and others involving defendants on Jan. 6 as the DoJ expands its investigation to include former President Donald Trump himself:

John BowdenNovember 24, 2022 01:20


One setback after another for Donald Trump – but does it really matter?

The bad news keeps coming for Donald Trump. In the wake of some of his high-profile endorsements getting the thumbs down from voters, his low-energy launch speech in 2024. Videos showed some of his own guests trying to escape as he endlessly meandered on, whining and scowling at everything, what he was worth. Even Fox News cut off for a while, perhaps to give their viewers a much needed break.

Absent from the speech were some high-profile supporters – including his own daughter and former aide, Ivanka. But there is no reason to count the former president out yet, writes Phil Thomas in The Independent:

John Bowden24 November 2022 00:24


Like a Thanksgiving Turkey, Joe Biden was ‘pardoned’ by the midterms

If there was a particularly light-hearted jocularity about Joe Biden this week when he pardoned the Chocolate and Chip turkeys, which had been brought from North Carolina, it was understandable: the now 80-year-old Biden was on his way to a family gathering in Nantucket after just having seen Democrats enjoy a midterm election performance that hasn’t improved in 20 years.

By seeing off a potential “red wave” and managing to hang on to the Senate, despite his low approval rating, a turbulent economy and historical precedence that says parties occupying the White House tend to take a battle in this cycle, the midterms may have also functioned as the Democrats’ own presidential pardon of sorts.

Andrew Buncombe has more on the president’s impeachment in The Independent:

John BowdenNovember 23, 2022 11:15 p.m


Herschel Walker does an awkward ‘get up’ fake in the middle of an abortion scandal

Former football star-turned-Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker on Tuesday appeared to confuse the democratic process with an extremely sensitive anatomical process when he mistakenly referred to an aroused male genitalia during an interview on Fox News.

Flanked by Texas Senator Ted Cruz and South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, Mr Walker was in the middle of answering a question from Fox News host Sean Hannity when he made the Freudian slip.

See the moment and read more in this article from Andrew Feinbergto The Independent:

John BowdenNovember 23, 2022 10:10 p.m

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