Doctor at Belfast hospital describes efforts to save eight-week-old baby who was stabbed twice by her mother

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A consultant from the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children has described efforts to try to save the life of an eight-week-old baby.

The little boy was taken to the hospital’s emergency department on the evening of Tuesday 27 July last year after suffering two stab wounds to the chest.

Despite the efforts of the medical staff, the infant was pronounced dead at 9pm that evening.

His mother, who cannot be named for legal reasons, is on trial at Belfast Crown Court charged with murdering her son and attempting to murder her daughter.

The 30-year-old has accepted she stabbed the youngsters but has denied the two charges and the jury will be asked to determine what her state of mind was when she attacked her children.

On the third day of the trial, the jury heard evidence from both the doctor who treated the little boy and another doctor who examined the injured girl.

The action consultant who treated the child confirmed that he arrived at the hospital at 8:41 p.m., and at this time he was still receiving CPR from the ambulance crew who brought him into the ambulance.

When asked by Crown Barrister Richard Weir KC about the child’s condition on arrival, the consultant said he was not breathing, he had no pulse and the two wounds were oozing blood.

She said the child was given oxygen and after a heart monitor was attached and did not pick up a heartbeat, medication was given to try to stimulate his heart.

He was also given fluids and further attempts were made to revive him, with the consultant telling the court: “There was no sign of any response to any of the measures”.

When asked what the next steps were, the consultant said: “There was a discussion with the resuscitation team and after making sure everyone agreed that everything was done, it was decided that it was appropriate to time to stop.”

A senior pediatric surgeon from the same department who treated the injured girl also testified.

The youngster was also taken from her home to hospital by ambulance and was described as “bright and alert” but “quite distressed and upset” when she arrived.

The doctor revealed the little girl had a single stab wound to the chest which “narrowly missed her heart by millimetres” but damaged her diaphragm and caused a cut to her liver.

She also revealed that the youngster was taken to theater the following morning where she underwent a successful keyhole operation.

When the doctors gave their evidence, the accused sat in the dock and cried throughout.

The jury of six men and women were also shown video footage of the accused being taken to a PSNI custody unit following her arrest.

In the recording, she is heard saying: “I killed my children.”

Asked by an officer if she suffers from mental health issues, she replies: “Given what I’ve done, I probably do.”

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