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A dinghy that capsized and claimed the lives of at least 27 migrants in the Channel had reached British waters, an official report has found.

British investigators did not initially investigate the incident that shook the country because the boat was salvaged in French waters.

However, the preliminary findings of the Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) confirmed that “some of the events relating to this loss of life took place in British waters”.

The UK search and rescue operation on November 23 last year is being investigated.

About 34 people aboard the small inflatable boat left a beach near Dunkirk France that night before they got into trouble. The following afternoon, a French fishing vessel reported seeing bodies in the water.

There were only two survivors, with 27 bodies recovered from the sea.

“Along with many other migrants who passed through the Dover Strait that night, some of them called on board the boat to alert maritime rescue coordination centers ashore of their situation,” the report said.

Staff at Dover sent “surface and air assets to search the area where the distressed migrants were assessed to be”, but they were not found.

The investigation continues.

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