Desalination plants to be built in Alkimos as WA government announces plans to reduce emissions by 80 percent

Written by Javed Iqbal

The WA government has promised to cut its emissions by 80 percent by 2030, while publishing details of the state’s third desalination plant.

The target, which will be based on 2020 levels, applies to emissions from all public authorities across the state, including transport, health and education, as well as those generated by state-owned trading companies.

Speaking at the announcement of a new desalination plant, Prime Minister Mark McGowan confirmed that the government would invest $ 3.8 billion over the next decade in renewable energy.

“It will be both public and private to ensure that we can phase out coal and move towards stored renewable energy, whether it is batteries, or pumped hydropower or wind or solar,” he said.

Asked why 2020 was chosen as the baseline measure, instead of an earlier date, as other states have done, WA Minister for the Environment and Climate Reece Whitby said Western Australia’s emissions had fallen since then.

Reece Whitby stands in front of a series of information boards in the new national park.
Reece Whitby says the bar has been set higher than other states. (ABC Great Southern: Mark Bennett)

“We have actually put a tougher, higher barrier on ourselves as a government by (committing to) an 80 percent reduction by 2020. [levels]”said Mr. Whitby.

The government says the move sends a clear message that Western Australia is open to renewable energy investment.

New desalination plant to be built in Alkimos

Sir. McGowan also provided details for the state’s third seawater desalination plant to be built on land owned by the Water Corporation in Alkimos, a coastal area in the northern suburbs of Perth.

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