Daniel Andrews, Matthew Guy on last day before voting; Labour, Liberals both promise profits; Suburban Rail Loop Criticized; Clive Palmer visits Victoria

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Both News Corp publishes it Herald Sun and The Australian has backed the coalition to win Saturday’s election, saying Prime Minister Daniel Andrews has an autocratic style that has tested the limits of democracy.

This masthead said that while there are dangers in returning Labor for a third term, the coalition is simply not ready to govern.

Traditionally, endorsements from Australian newspapers are given on the eve of an election.

Here’s a snapshot of the election editorial so far:


The Age believes that the opposition is simply not ready to govern. It has made very little real renewal of staff or policy in the past four years and has not made a compelling case for change. On most of the policy issues that matter to Victorians, Labor is stronger and more cohesive.

Herald Sun:

Given the obvious failures of the past four years, Victoria cannot afford – financially or politically – another term in Labor and Mr Andrews’ divisive leadership.

The Australian:

Mr Andrews is a known quantity. His autocratic style has been terrible for Victoria and will leave lasting financial and emotional damage.

You can read The age full election editorial here.

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