Community in mourning after west end tragedy

Written by Javed Iqbal

Locals share memories and offer condolences to a woman who died in Friday morning’s tragedy on Goulais Ave.

Residents of the Bayview community and surrounding area are mourning this weekend after Friday morning’s tragedy on Goulais Ave. that left two people dead.

Sault police spokesman Lincoln Louttit could not confirm the identity of any of the individuals involved in the incident. Investigators remain at the scene this afternoon, and Louttit says the crime scene will likely be held through the weekend.

Flowers continue to line the front of Millie’s Mini-Mart in connection with yesterday’s upsetting events, including heartfelt notes and cards attached to some of the bouquets.

A Bayview resident, who has chosen to remain anonymous, says she knew the deceased woman personally. She explains that her passing is a great loss to society.

“I will have fond memories of my meetings with her,” she says. “I took my son to get popsicles on the way home from Manzo pool and she was always so nice and would strike up conversations with my son about his choice of popsicles. The community is in mourning because she made Millie’s for that neighborhood store , where everyone knows everyone, and you could always count on a pleasant exchange when you walk in.”

Despite the devastating nature of events that took place last Friday, the Bayview resident does not fear for her safety in the neighborhood.

“The community here is not that terrible,” she says. “I have children growing up here and I’m not afraid of them playing outside or going to the park. You get to know everyone and you build a relationship where you look out for each other. This is a very isolated and tragic incident.”

Other locals from across the area have expressed their condolences on social media, particularly through the Bayview Community Facebook page.

“You will literally never be forgotten,” one man wrote. “A fixture in our community and one of the nicest people I have ever met in my entire life.”

“She was the first to welcome me to the neighborhood,” another woman said. “She always treated me with the utmost respect and waved as I drove past.”

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