City of Brampton moves to ban personal fireworks to address safety, noise concerns – Toronto

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TORONTO — The City of Brampton moves to ban the use of personal fireworks for holiday following “significant growth” in complaints relating to safety, noise and litter.

A city council committee has passed a motion to immediately ban the use and sale of fireworks in Brampton, but it must be approved by city council at a meeting on Monday.

Mayor Patrick Brown says residents should be able to celebrate the holidays safely, without disruption, excessive noise or litter.

Short-range fireworks are currently allowed on private property in Brampton without the need for a permit on Victoria Day, Canada Day, Diwali and New Year’s Eve.

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Brampton says it will add an annual city-run Diwali celebration event with fireworks, similar to those on Canada Day and New Year’s Eve in 2023, if the new proposal is ratified.

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Environment Canada warned last month that “high levels of air pollution” were expected across parts of Toronto and surrounding areas due to expected fireworks for Diwali, prompting questions about why the major Hindu holiday was highlighted _ the agency later updated its statement to remove mention of Diwali.

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