Choose a Massage Chair for Your Home

Choose a Massage Chair for Your Home ! 2D or 3D Massage?

iRest Massage Chairs 

Arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis, the causes of these diseases are a sedentary lifestyle and sedentary work. In order to cope with such diseases and restore your body to its former flexibility, it is not at all necessary to take medications. Yes, and modern medicine has not yet come up with a miracle pill that helps to forget these ailments once and for all, meanwhile, massage courses will not only improve the patient’s physical condition but also eliminate the root cause of unpleasant sensations.

By the way, in order to be able to undergo wellness procedures, it is not at all necessary to use the services of a professional massage therapist, you just need to buy a massage chair for your home and carry out the procedures yourself at any convenient time.

How to choose the right massage chair for your home?

Since the purchase of such a device as a massage chair for the home goes beyond the usual small expenses, you need to approach the issue of choosing it seriously enough. The modern massage equipment market offers a fairly wide selection.

However, the sales leader is the copies from the world-famous Chinese brand iRest – a manufacturer of hand massagers, massage chairs for home, orthopedic pillows and other health products. That is why, when deciding which massage chair to choose for the home, you need to carefully read the models and carefully weigh the pros and cons in favor of one or another option.

In the extensive product line of the iRest company, you can see a massage chair for the home performing the functions of 3D and 2D massage. Which of these types is the most effective, which is the best massage chair for the home? Even a professional massage therapist cannot answer these questions unequivocally. Because each of these options is good in its own way.

3D massage – say no to osteochondrosis!

To enjoy wellness treatments, it is not at all necessary to sign up for expensive sessions with a professional massage therapist; you just need to buy an iRest SL-a50 massage chair.

This chair has 6 automatic programs, it is capable of simultaneously performing three types of massage: kneading, tapping and rolling, while the infrared rays will activate metabolic processes.

Cervical spine stretching, air compression full body massage, acupuncture and magnetotherapy are all functions that the iRest home doctor can perform. A complex effect on all problem areas at the same time will not keep you waiting long for the desired effect.

2D massage – forget about the arthritis of the joints once and for all!

Five types of health-improving and relaxing massage: shiatsu and kneading, tapping and patting, affecting acupuncture points – the iRest SL-a30-6 massage chair perfectly copes with these functions. This specimen has successfully intertwined advanced Western technologies and the achievements of traditional Chinese medicine.

The mechanical arms of this chair scan the back and deeply massage problem areas. Rubbing and kneading movements, patting and tapping, squeezing and swaying – such manipulations have a beneficial effect not only on the musculoskeletal system but also on the condition of muscles and skin.

The S-curve of the backrest keeps the body in a comfortable position, and the massage rollers and compression cushions of various sizes precisely remember human shapes. The range of these elements varies across the width of the back.

And yet, how to choose a massage chair for yourself? There is practically no fundamental difference between 3D and 2D exposure, and both devices perfectly cope with their functional duties and give their owner pleasant sensations and comfortable well-being.

Where can you buy massage chairs for your home?

You cannot save on your health, but unjustifiably high financial costs are also useless. You can buy an inexpensive massage chair for your home from Amazon Store. Reasonable prices for the entire line of products, original quality and polite service are waiting for you! You can buy a massage chair for your home from Amazon without spending too much money. 

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