Chicago crash: 2 dead, 11 hospitalized in horrific Chatham pileup near 87th, Cottage Grove; The car has been stolen, the police say

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CHICAGO (WLS) — Two people were killed in a horrific crash on Chicago’s South Side Wednesday night, officials said.

Seven vehicles were involved in the crash near the intersection of 87th and Cottage Grove in the Chatham neighborhood.

A black Dodge Charger was traveling northbound in the southbound lane of Cottage Grove at a “very high rate of speed” around The Charger then stopped in traffic, facing south, and immediately caught fire, killing the two occupants of the vehicle.

“This is a really bad crash,” Chicago Fire Department spokesman Larry Langford said. “I’ve seen many, many – and this is among the worst.”

Langford said the Charger is believed to have set off a chain reaction crash, according to witnesses at the scene.

On Thursday morning, the police stated that eleven people were transported to hospitals in fair to good condition. The police previously stated that 16 people were injured.

Three women, three men and five children, a 15-year-old girl, a 10-year-old boy, a six-year-old boy, a four-year-old girl and a 10-month-old girl were transported to hospitals, police said.

The Dodge Charger was reported stolen from Markham earlier in the day Wednesday, according to Brown. A “long rifle type firearm” was also discovered in the charger, Brown added.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot stopped by the scene and urged people to slow down.

“This is something we can control. Just take your foot off the gas and obey the local speed limits,” the mayor said.

Last year, there were approximately 150 traffic-related deaths in Chicago, Lightfoot said, adding that the city already has 100 so far this year.

“A lot of them are related to speed,” Lightfoot said. “When you’re driving at that high speed, anyone you hit – whether it’s a car or a pedestrian – will significantly impair their ability to survive.”

The Chicago Police Department’s Major Accident Unit is on scene to investigate the cause of the accident.

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