Charities ask for donations, but Sask. residents still waiting for price checks

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While not everyone has received their government affordable tax credits yet, there is a push in the City of Saskatoon to get people to donate them to charities.

In August 2022, Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe promised a small financial relief to the province to help Saskatchewan people with the rising cost of resources.

“In the fall we will send a $500 affordable tax deduction check to everyone in Saskatchewan age 18 and older,” said Moe. “Higher resource prices drive our economy and they create thousands of new jobs.

“This has greatly improved our budget position from a deficit to a surplus. And that’s good news. But it also means that the price of almost everything you buy has gone up.”

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Saskatchewan’s ‘500 Club’ pushes people to donate affordable tax credits

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“Every adult in Saskatchewan who is handed $500 can be put to good use,” said Nicole Berg, co-founder of the 500 Club in a previous interview with Global News.

“For some people who pay the bills, buy groceries, and that’s great, and for others like me, it’s money that I didn’t lack, I didn’t expect, and then I thought, how can you use it in a different way. “

The 500 Club is an organization that works to get people to donate checks of any size to charity.

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The 500 Club is pushing people to donate to the Affordability Check

Global News checked in with Berg to see what progress The 500 Club has been making.

“When we first started we just cast the net to our friends and family and now we’re way beyond that and across the province. We’ve raised over $37,000 – $37,125 actually,” said Berg.

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Their goal was to get about 2,000 people to donate all or part of their checks, which would result in a total donation of $1,000,000. So far, 78 people have donated to a charity.

“Could we still hit the million? I don’t know, I’d be very surprised and very happy, but whatever we can do, of course the charities have been so grateful and it’s great to be able to bless them and support them in this way .”

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$500 tax credit checks issued to anyone in Saskatchewan 18 and older

Berg said that as soon as the rest of the promised affordability checks land, she hopes she will be able to see what specific project the charities will use the money for.

Saskatchewan Finance Minister Donna Harpauer said the government plans to have all checks sent out by the end of November.

Although the government’s rollout plan is still a week away, Saskatchewan residents are starting to get anxious about not seeing their checks in the mail.

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Many users have commented that they haven’t received theirs yet and they don’t understand what distribution logic the government uses to send them. It had been suggested that it is by age or alphabetical, but other users prove that this may not be true.

Twitter user @reese_crispy said: “Yes and it’s definitely not by age. The middle aged person in our household got their first day. The oldest and youngest are still waiting.”

Some claim they had relatives who filed their taxes last year and recently passed but still have a price check addressed to them.

“My daughter hasn’t received hers yet but my late mother received hers today,” @MrsCharHop said.

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe confirmed at the Legislature Wednesday in Regina that 450,000 more affordable checks have been sent today, marking them more than halfway complete.

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