CEO of Investment NSW to front hearing on John Barilaro’s US trading job

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The CEO of Investment NSW will face a public hearing on Wednesday on the recruitment process for former Deputy Prime Minister John Barilaro’s new job in the United States.

Sir. Barilaro was last week named the state’s top trade commissioner for America, based in New York, with a salary package of $ 500,000.

An earlier recruitment round identified two highly regarded candidates, and in August last year, internal emails, obtained through Parliament, showed that Investment NSW was almost ready to publicly announce the successful person.

It is understood that this was a senior bureaucrat in Investment NSW, Jenny West.

On August 23, Kylie Bell, CEO of Trade at Investment NSW, asked a colleague “can we also get started this week with the media release shells for NY, Mumbai and Singapore”.

“I think we’re close to being able to publish NY, and the others will probably be ready to leave sometime in September. Then we’re all done.”

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Investment NSW CEO Amy Brown will appear at a hearing next week.(Delivered: Investment NSW )

Emails in early September stated that a contract for the US role was being drafted.

But three weeks later, the agency’s attorney general Chris Carr examined other recruitment methods and sent an email “we have been asked if there is a possibility of appointments to the minister”.

As ABC reported on Thursday, Investment NSW CEO Amy Brown then wrote to the external recruiter on October 3rd.

“I appreciate that you will keep this confidential, but we have now received confirmed instructions to begin legislative preparation to transform the Global Senior Trade & Investment Commissioners into statutory officials (ie, ministerial appointments),” she said. .

“This means that the recruitment process for the STIC posts in Singapore, India / Middle East and China must be suspended and all candidates informed that we will not proceed with the process.

“We will handle the STIC New York position as an internal matter.”

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