CBS News collects images from documentary footage given to the panel on January 6

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The House’s select committee examining January 6, 2021, attack on the US capital escalates the investigation this week as new evidence emerges, including dozens of hours of footage from filmmaker Alex Holder’s upcoming documentary in three parts series, from which CBS News has obtained two images, including a still image of former President Donald Trump and another of his eldest daughters, Ivanka Trumpbeing interviewed.

A person close to the project said the photos capture both the former president and his daughter sitting for interviews with Holder as he dived into Trump’s efforts to overthrow the 2020 presidential election and asked them to reflect on the former president’s behavior and legacy.

Alex Holder interviews President Trump.

CBS News

Alex Holder interviews Ivanka Trump.

CBS News

CBS News has confirmed that Holder’s upcoming series is based on at least 11 hours of live-to-camera interviews of both the former president and his family, along with hours of footage recorded on the Capitol site during the January 6, 2021 attack.

CBS News has also learned, according to two former advisers to the Trump 2020 campaign, that the documentary project has shaken Trump’s inner circle this week, as few people outside the Trump family were aware of its scale and the high level of access given to Holder, a British filmmaker who worked outside the official channels when he was filming the family.

Holder is scheduled to attend a private deposit for the committee on Thursday.

Ivanka Trump appeared on virtual for the committee on January 6, April for several hours, and parts of her testimony have been played out during the committee’s hearings this month. I ét klipshe said she respected Justice Minister Bill Barr and “accepted what he said” that the allegations of voter fraud were false.

But according to New York Times, Ivanka Trump told the film crew on December 10, 2020 that her father should “continue to fight until all remedies are exhausted” because there were questions about “the sanctity of our election”. She made those comments days after Barr publicly stated that there was no widespread voter fraud. CBS News has confirmed the Times’ account.

The committee holds its own fifth most recent public consultation Thursday, which is expected to focus on Trump’s efforts to influence the Justice Department to help him topple the election.

Previous hearings focused on The fake campaign of the Trump campaign and threats against state legislators and election officials, Trump’s press campaign against Pence to reject electoral votes, and Trump officials told the then president it was too early to declare victory and make false claims that the election was stolen.

That’s what committee chairman Bennie Thompson said Wednesday two more hearings are likely to be held in July after receiving “additional information” from Holder, the documentary filmmaker.

Committee member rep. Jamie Raskin said on Wednesday that although the committee wanted to have all the hearings in June, there has been a “flood of new evidence since we started.”

Caroline Linton, Ellis Kim and Rebecca Kaplan contributed with reporting.

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