Caught on camera: Runaway ostrich hunted by RCMP

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It was a strange situation in a southern Alberta community Thursday when police were called to help deal with some runaway ostriches.

In a viewer video sent to CTV News, RCMP officers in Taber, Alta., are seen driving in marked cruisers trying to control one of the birds that ran down a street.

The first cruiser, with the ostrich owner in the passenger seat, is unable to stop the bird, which stumbles and runs off to be chased by another RCMP member in a marked cruiser.

The Taber Police Service said the incident occurred Thursday morning.

“Members of the Taber Police Service and the TPS Regional Community Standards Unit handled a number of ostriches within the Town of Taber limits,” the agency wrote on Facebook.

“The group went out of town where they created traffic hazards. Members of the Taber Police Service assisted the RCMP in corralling the birds so the owners could safely capture them.”

Destiny Nanaquewetung, the woman who recorded the video, told CTV News that she “thought she saw things” when she saw the scene.

“I noticed an ostrich running down the road,” she said. “It’s not something you see every day. It was really weird.”

Despite that, she says the situation really made her day.

“(My day) started off a little rough, but it definitely made it better when I saw an ostrich running down the highway.”

RCMP say they responded to the area of ​​Highway 36 and Township Road 94 for “reports of ostriches.”

“RCMP determined that approximately 20 ostriches escaped their enclosure and were loose,” police said in a release.

“Over the past several hours, the RCMP has been assisting the farmer in locating and capturing the loose birds. A video taken by a local resident, which has been provided to the media, depicts an RCMP police car with the ostrich owner riding on the passenger side and seizing one of the ostriches .”

By 12:30 p.m., the majority of the ostriches were recaptured, but the police continue to help the owner recover those not yet captured.

Unfortunately, one of the birds was struck and killed during the events on Thursday morning, police said.

Taber is approximately 260 kilometers southeast of Calgary.

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