Burnside Councilor Julian Carbone’s Message to Teenager Under $ 11,585 Code of Conduct Survey

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A councilor in the eastern suburbs of Adelaide says an inappropriate message sent from his official Instagram account to a 17-year-old girl who triggered a $ 11,500 investigation was not intended for her.

Burnside councilor Julian Carbone has been the subject of a code of conduct inquiry after he allegedly sent a message request to a teenager after she posted bikini photos of herself online.

The message said: “Lots of bikini photos – but it’s so damn cold at the moment hello”.

The teenager filed a complaint with the Burnside Council after she received the message request late last year, saying the alderman’s official Instagram account follows a “regarding number of young women”.

Following the complaint, cybersecurity expert Mark Gare was hired by the council to investigate the case, which cost the council $ 11,585.

The report found that the teenager’s complaint was justified and found that Mr Carbone broke the code.

The report recommended the councilor make a written apology, stop using the Instagram account and participate in training in relation to the use of social media.

Carbone told ABC that the message was not intended for the complainant.

“This one big massive misunderstanding, that message was never intended for that person.

“Obviously there is evidence I have explained it.

“I would never send these messages to a stranger – especially someone of that age.”

Carbone insta message
The message sent from Burnside councilor Julian Carbone’s Instagram account to a 17-year-old girl. (Delivered)

When asked who the message was intended for, the councilor said he could not remember it.

“By knowing myself, it would have been meant for one of my friends, one that I had a relationship with, one that I thought was a little more appropriate to send that kind of message with,” Carbone said.

“I remember seeing pictures of people on the beach during a very cold period, and it was just to draw the obvious conclusion that it was a little strange that someone was on the beach on such a cold day.”

“It was meant as a friendly, casual side comment to a close friend – it was never intended for anyone of that age.”

In the report, Mr Gare found that Mr Carbone followed a number of accounts that would be considered inappropriate in the work environment – with these accounts including young girls in “bikinis and gym clothes.”

The councilor rejected this claim and announced earlier that he is very interested in supporting young people, and if he follows a “regarding” amount of young people – he does so in an attempt to build trust in the local community and hear the needs of people who live in its municipal area.

Councilor says ‘unfortunate’ complainants did not want to meet

Carbone told ABC he had tried to reach out to the complainant.

“I offered to meet with the complainant,” he said.

“Sit down, talk about it over a cup of coffee… and of course apologize that the message has been sent.

The newlywed councilor said the investigation process had been traumatic.

“The whole process has been very sad – it’s been very traumatic for myself and my family,” he said.

“I’m happy to review [social media] training, but I do not see what good it will bring. “

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