Burlington establishes temporary mask requirement for city employees

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The mayor of a city west of Toronto says municipal workers will have to wear masks for the next six weeks due to rising illness among staff and in the wider community.

Marianne Meed Ward, mayor of Burlington, Ont., says masks will be required for all employees at city facilities, with some exceptions, but will not be required for members of the public at those locations.

She says the decision to bring back masks for city workers was made in light of a “perfect storm” of illness in both the local community and among city staff.

Meed Ward says increasing staff absenteeism due to illness has made it difficult to deliver city services, and the situation is causing burnout among those who remain who have to cover the work of their sick colleagues.

She says the masking requirement will be evaluated in the coming weeks.

Meed Ward says the requirement could be lifted sooner if health conditions change in the community and among staff.

This report from The Canadian Press was first published on November 23, 2022.

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