Australian researchers develop new communication system inspired by the rare NT Aboriginal language Jingulu

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An Australian Aboriginal language spoken by only a handful of people in the Northern Territory has become the inspiration for a new artificial intelligence system that could potentially help people communicate better with machines.

Jingulu is considered an endangered language, traditionally spoken in the Barkly region of the Northern Territory.

A study recently published in the academic journal Frontiers in Physics suggests that it has special properties that can be easily translated into commands for artificial intelligence (AI) swarm systems.

“Perhaps one of the most powerful things about Jingulu [is] that it gives us the simplicity and flexibility that we can use in many different applications,” said lead researcher at the University of New South Wales Canberra, Hussein Abbass.

AI swarm systems are used in machines to help them cooperate with humans and perform complex tasks than humans command them to do.

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Experts say Australian law is not up to date to adequately regulate the growing use of artificial intelligence. (Chris Yang: Unsplash)

Dr. Abbass said he accidentally stumbled upon the Jingulu language while developing a new communication system.

“Once I started looking at the abstract, it didn’t take long to click in my mind about how suitable it is for the work I do in artificial intelligence and human AI collaboration,” he said.

Languages ​​that can easily be translated into AI commands

Dr. Abbass said it was normal for AI researchers to draw on different forms of communication for their work, including other human languages, body language and even music.

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