Attorney General warns politicians after confirming Integrity Commission was able to access encrypted texts on WhatsApp and Signal

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Australia’s Attorney General Mark Dreyfus has warned politicians to “beware” after confirming their encrypted text messages on platforms such as WhatsApp and Signal could be intercepted by the federal government’s new integrity commission.

According to proposed legislation introduced to Parliament last week, the National Anti-Corruption Commission would have powers to intercept telecommunications and use surveillance equipment.

Sir. Dreyfus has told the ABC’s Insiders program that will include the ability to tap politicians’ phones even if they send messages on encrypted apps such as WhatsApp and Signal.

“I think everyone needs to be careful,” he said.

“We don’t want corrupt activities to infect our system of government. That’s why we’re creating, long overdue, an anti-corruption commission for Australia.”

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Mark Dreyfus says federal ICAC will fight corrupt activities.

However, he emphasized that such measures would require legal authority.

“Wiretapping is available and the commission will have the same powers available to it, subject to a warrant, that the police and our intelligence services have and that’s appropriate,” he said.

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