Amazon and Rite Aid restrict the purchase of emergency contraception

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Amazon has a temporary volume limit of 3 units per week on emergency pills, including Plan B, a company representative told CNN on Tuesday.

Rite Aid also restricts purchases.

“Due to increased demand, we are currently limiting the purchase of Plan B birth control pills to three per customer,” Alicja Wojczyk, senior manager of external communications for Rite Aid, told CNN in an email.

On Monday, CVS told CNN in an email that although CVS had “proper supplies” of Plan B and Aftera – two types of emergency contraception – the company limited purchases to three per. customer “to ensure equal access and consistent delivery on store shelves.”

On Tuesday, CVS removed those purchase limits, a company representative told CNN.

“Immediately after the Supreme Court’s decision, we saw a sharp increase in emergency contraceptive sales and implemented a temporary purchase limit to ensure equal access,” Matt Blanchette, Senior Manager of Retail Communications at CVS Pharmacy, told CNN in an email.

“Sales have since stabilized and we are in the process of removing the purchase limits, which will take effect in-store and on CVS.com within the next 24 hours,” he said.

“We continue to have plenty of emergency contraception to meet customer needs,” Blanchette added.

Future of America's most popular emergency contraception is complicated by misinformation
Emergency contraception reduces the chance of pregnancy after unprotected sex, according to American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Common situations when used include after forgetting to take more birth control pills, or when a condom breaks or falls off.

The purchase limits for emergency contraception come after the Supreme Court overthrew Roe v. Wade on Friday. Several states immediately moved to effectively ban abortions.

“Use of (emergency contraception) does not cause abortion. An abortion terminates an existing pregnancy. EC prevents pregnancy from occurring. EC must be used shortly after unprotected intercourse to be effective. It does not work if pregnancy has already occurred,” ACOG said.

Birth control pills, such as Plan B and Aftera, are a type of emergency contraception. Some can be bought over the counter and others require a prescription.

Intrauterine devices of copper, or coil, can also be used as emergency contraception if inserted within about five days after intercourse.

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