Alex Holder’s footage shows Mike Pence responding to demands that he invoke the 25th Amendment in January 6. Documentary

Written by Javed Iqbal

In previously unseen documentaries, Mike Pence responds to a request that he use the 25th Amendment to remove then-President Donald Trump from office. The footage obtained and reported by CNN captures Pence sitting for an interview with Alex Holder’s documentary film crew on January 12, 2021, when an aide comes in and shows him an email containing the draft Parliament resolution that insists on the fact that he invokes the 25th Amendment to expel his boss. Pence says, “Yes, excellent,” before offering a contained, if not tense, smile – a “smile,” reports CNN. “Tell Zach to print me out of a hard copy for the trip home,” he tells staff before sitting down again for the scheduled interview, where, according to the documentary, he refused to discuss the riot at the Capitol. The new recordings give a taste of the content that the panel on January 6—which from Wednesday postpones its consultation plan due to the recently revealed evidence– reviewing now.

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