2 teens break into the home of a man linked to homicide in Detroit, killing his wife; 3 in total custody

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DETROIT – A homeowner in connection with a separate murder case and two 17-year-old uninvited guests have been remanded in custody after the teenagers broke into the man’s home, bumped into his wife and killed her before the man disarmed one and shot the other. Detroit said officials.

The incident happened Tuesday (June 28) in a home in the 9200 block of Minock Street on The west side of Detroitaccording to authorities. The home belongs to a man linked to another homicide investigation, Detroit Police Chief James White said.

“This is a very complicated investigation that we are just doing,” White said.

Two 17-year-old boys broke into the home – one armed with a gun and the other armed with a combat rifle, he said.

When the teens were inside the home, the teens ran into a woman in her 30s who lives there, police said. One of the teens shot and killed her, they said.


“It is very possible that she was not the intended target,” White said.

The homeowner told police the woman was his wife, according to authorities.

After the woman was shot, the homeowner encountered the two teens, the boss said.

“He was able to disarm one perpetrator and shoot the other perpetrator,” White said.

The teenager, who was shot by the homeowner, fled on foot, stole a bicycle and met another, according to police. He was taken to a hospital to treat his gunshot wounds and it was here that officers took him into custody, they said.

That teenager is in critical condition.

Police said the other 17-year-old, the one who was disarmed during the confrontation, ran away and was chased down by the homeowner, authorities said.

“The victim was able to chase him down, and some kind of physical altercation ensued,” White said. “He was able to hold him at least until the officers arrived.”


The homeowner was also arrested after police arrived, according to the boss.

“We’re investigating him for another murder,” White said.

It is unclear if that murder case is related to this incident, but this was not a random shooting and there is no risk to society, according to authorities.

“The fact that there is another order awaiting the victim of murder may be linked to this case – we just do not know,” White said.

The boss said everyone involved in this case seemed to know each other. He called it a “targeted situation”.

Police are not sure if the woman who was killed was the intended target, or if she was caught in the crossfire while the teens were looking for the man.

“We understand that one of the perpetrators lives in the residence, at least for the past few days, and may be related to at least the male victim,” White said.

You can see White’s full briefing in the video below.


A homeowner in a homicide case and two 17-year-old intruders have been remanded in custody after teens broke into the man’s home, bumped into his wife and killed her before the man disarmed one and shot the other, Detroit officials said.

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